What Are The REAL Business Opportunities of the Metaverse? (Part 2)

What Are The REAL Business Opportunities of the Metaverse? (Part 2)

One of the most exciting opportunities for businesses today is in virtual reality.

Virtual reality is here to stay, and it's not just for gamers. The world of virtual worlds is and will be part of our lives.


The Metaverse could be one of the most important opportunities to take advantage of today – as the major trends will impact businesses sooner or later.

Cryptocurrency company and market insights provider, Grayscale, recently pegged the metaverse’s revenue generation potential as $1 trillion.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing the next 5 business opportunities you could explore in the Metaverse space.

Here we go…

Business Opportunity #6: Business industry

This is huge.

Attendance at meetings is often imperative to company success -- where brainstorming of ideas and deal-making are done.

With virtual reality technology, you don’t have a physical meeting location. You can sit in the comfort of your own home or office as if it were an actual room!

This would be so much more efficient than having people come into a company or hotel meeting room just for one person's sake -- everyone benefits from being able to meet virtually.

And here’s more…

The opportunities in AR/VR are endless!

You could own a real estate property to sell, rent it out, or hold for events.

You could even open a store and sell your products/services.

What’s more mind-blowing…

A company can use a virtual community to test its product design, development process, and other operations before transferring it into the physical world.

Business Opportunity #7: Marketing

Marketing has never been more dynamic.

Businesses started using the internet when it became popularized and soon found out they needed websites.

Then came social media marketing… which was a big part of driving traffic, which led them to also realize how important this step would be for sales growth (and vice versa).

As mobile-first development took off in recent years we've seen consumers engage more often with their phones than desktops.

And now,

The Metaverse is an exciting place where marketers have the opportunity to grow their creativity and become world builders.

With virtual interactions becoming more similar in nature as we close this gap between real-world experiences,

It will be imperative for brands not only to know how they look online -- but also what kind of stories can best surround them… so that people don't just see your product or service—they experience it!

The marketing industry will become even more effective than ever.

Whatever you are doing today in marketing, you would be able to do in the metaverse.

So what can you do today?

If you’re a digital marketing expert, you should start learning it deeply and find the best effective ways to market stuff.

That’s why business owner who promotes anything online should take advantage of the emerging metaverse trend!

Business Opportunity #8: Create and Sell NFTs in Metaverse

In 2021, NFTs came from nowhere to being the tech talk of the town.

NFTs are digital contractual deeds and certificates of ownership on a piece of art, music, video, and more.

When an NFT is exchanged, the transaction and transfer of ownership is cryptographically recorded – making it verifiable via a blockchain record.

Collections like Cryptopunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club are now trading for millions of dollars - but it’s not just digital collectibles making headlines!

Brands have taken advantage of this new technology to creatively engage customers.

For example,

· Coca-Cola has conducted charity auctions for its collectibles.

· NBA provides an innovative version of trading cards.

· Nike has acquired RTFKT - which offers digital shoes through their site.

NFTs are a great way to raise brand awareness and promote your product. You may consider creating them!

Business Opportunity #9: Launch a Cryptocurrency

Imagine a world where instead of using dollars or euros to make purchases, you use digital currencies like Bitcoin.

You could even build a coin with special properties for use within our meta-universe, like faster transactions and lower fees than other cryptocurrencies!

Business Opportunity #10: Build your Metaverse

Instead of relying on other Metaverse platforms…

What if you could create your very own metaverse and keep it expanding.

For example, you would create your city and give people a reason to come for shopping, business interaction experiences, etc.

There are already many companies working to build Metaverse. The next one could be your company!

You might be thinking as big giants like Meta are working on the metaverse, how you can compete with them? And people might not use your metaverse?

Here’s the truth…

It takes a team of experts to build a Metaverse and maintain one.

If you excitedly want to start or expand your business in the metaverse but you don’t have the expertise in creating your own Metaverse,

Talk with us at Consortium 21 because we've got this covered here on our end -- while also providing opportunities that will help grow your company too through.

I hope you gain valuable insights into the endless business opportunities in the space of Metaverse.

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