Web3, the Metaverse and Corporate Training – Is it Time for your Company to Embrace Web3 and the Metaverse?

Web3, the Metaverse and Corporate Training – Is it Time for your Company to Embrace Web3 and the Metaverse?

Web3 has been called the most significant change to the Internet since its creation.

It allows users to interact, create and own their digital content without interference from third parties. The core infrastructure for this change is blockchain technology which initiates decentralization & digitization of the Internet.

Mainstream brands have been embracing the future of the Internet at a great wave.

The tech giants of Web2 are already moving to Web3.

Facebook re-branded to Meta to promote its place in Web3 and the Metaverse.

Instagram and Twitter allow people to use NFTs as profile photos.

Twitter and Discord have embedded themselves into the core of the Web3 discussion.

We also see big corporations such as Tesla, Apple, IBM, Amazon, Disney, Nike, Puma, Sony, Netflix, and others making big moves toward the Web3 business.

Even banks too i.e. Morgan Stanley, Singapore DBS.

This is an exciting arena and opportunity.

What does that mean for mid to small-sized businesses?‍

It means they know something you don’t, and you might miss something BIG.

These big corporations are already hiring Web3 expertise and talents into their companies.

The question for you is…

How to Prepare your Business for Web3?

Web3 innovation is fast-paced.

You can always find new companies, governments, projects, and people moving into this space daily!

Many opportunities are available for businesses with specialties that lend themselves well to the adoption, understanding, and implementation of Web3.

A Gartner report predicted 25% of companies will use a combination of legacy technology and Web3 applications by 2024. Therefore opportunities to incorporate more Web3 processes into business operations may gradually increase over the next few years -- especially for those who want in on this new wave and with the right know-how.

Web3 isn't hard, but it is different.

It introduces new paradigms that require learning different mental models than the ones used in Web2. Understanding this is vital for your Web3 success.

The World Economic Forum estimates 50% of all employees worldwide will need upskilling or reskilling by 2025 to stay competitive. While this leap into a new digital era has exciting potential, your workforce may not have the skills required to succeed.

We at Consortium 21 (C21) would like to help you to start your Web3 journey….

By offering you and your team the opportunity for informative Web3 and Metaverse training. C-Suite executives, Marketing and Sales team – all are welcome.

This session will provide insights into how Web3 will innovate and improve your marketing strategies or sales efforts.

The future of business will involve new technologies such as Blockchain-based applications (or “blockchains”), which are used digitally to store data transactionally across various platforms without any centralized control.

Among the topics to be covered in our training include:

· What is Web3?

· What is Blockchain technology, Metaverse & NFT?

· Current trend

· Why does your company need to evolve into Web3?

Investing in up-to-date digital skills will help your company be confident that your team has the knowledge and continual learning culture needed for a successful future. The best part is that your team can become an innovative force to ensure your business stays relevant, even as technology changes around us!

Early users and adopters have begun their transition to Web3 technologies.

Don't miss out on this revolutionary wave bringing change across all industries — entire economies might soon shift — one built upon transparency & accountability through blockchain technology.

Contact Ms. Kate via WhatsApp for further details or to arrange corporate training for your company – regardless of the size of your company.