Malaysia explores a holistic approach to healthy ageing and well-being

Malaysia explores a holistic approach to healthy ageing and well-being
Holistic healthy living

We all know that ageing is a natural part of life.

But how do we want to age?

Getting into a healthy lifestyle and healthy behaviours can make a huge difference in how you feel as you age.

Based on the latest demographic trends,

Malaysia is expected to be an aged nation by 2030 and super-aged by 2050.

With almost 15% of the population expected to be older adults (aged > 60 years) in less than a decade, significant challenges and opportunities will arise.

The changing requirements and increased demand for health care needs will require a transformation of existing physical and social environments.

It’s interesting to know…

There are few initiatives to promote the awareness of healthy ageing.

Among them include:

#1  At the global level, the World Health Organization has declared 2021-2030 as the Decade of Health Ageing.

The initiatives undertaken as part of the Decade will seek to:

· change how we think

· feel and act towards age and ageing

· facilitate the ability of older people to participate in and contribute to their communities and society

· deliver integrated care and primary health services that are responsive to the needs of the individual

· provide access to long-term care for older people who need it.

#2  On 15-17 March 2022, the 10th Malaysian Conference on Healthy Ageing was held in collaboration with Penang State Government.

This year’s theme is “Holistic Healthy Ageing: 10 Pillars to Living Longer, Healthier and Better”… which covers important tips on how to live well, and promote healthy and successful ageing.

#3  Sunway University has established a collaborative partnership with the Senior Citizens Club Subang Jaya in fostering a holistic approach to healthy ageing and well-being.

Recognizing the significant influence that their lived environment has on behaviour, risk exposure, health outcomes, and social inclusion.

This academia-public partnership will focus on developing initiatives to develop a more age-friendly environment.

A whole-of-society approach is needed to ensure the older population is enabled to live longer and healthier lives.

While all these initiatives sound great,

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