Latest Buzz in Web 3.0

Latest Buzz in Web 3.0

Let’s continue with more latest buzzes in web 3.0…

Smartphones are taking the Web3 wave to the masses??

Imagine accessing Web3 on your smartphone… how cool is that?!!

The reality has begun…

The world's first Web3 Smartphone is here and it’s called Saga! The Android-powered phone was launched by blockchain platform Solana last month.

You may be wondering what is Web3 Smartphone.

Basically, Web3 smartphones are the new cutting edge in crypto technology. They come with a built-in hardware crypto wallet. This protects your private information like cryptocurrency keys, passwords, and photos. It will feature a decentralized app store!

Ethereum scaling tool Polygon also joins Solana in bringing Web3 to Smartphones - with a new partnership with tech startup Nothing.

Nothing has tapped the Polygon network to offer non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on its new Android-based Nothing Phone (1).

With Polygon and Solana's announcement on their blockchain-native phones, we are on the cusp of a new era for blockchain technology.

Their efforts to create Web3 within our everyday smartphones could bring this revolutionary innovation into millions' hands – an exciting era of Web 3.0 to anticipate.

How women will be the biggest changemakers in Web 3.0?

The Web 3.0 industry is still coming up short on women's participation despite recent progress, says Marieke Flament from NEAR Foundation.

According to a study by crypto education website Crypto Head last year, ONLY 5% of all crypto entrepreneurs are women. And there are very few women who are investing capital into the industry.

Despite Web 3.0 technology’s promise to bolster inclusiveness and equality, it’s still lacking when we look at women specifically.

Flament believes one of the reasons that’s holding them back are a jargon-filled approach to the Web 3.0 space and a lack of role models.

With this awareness, NEAR Foundation is partnering with Forkast on the inaugural Women in Web3 Changemakers 2022 list, an initiative to acknowledge women’s contribution to the industry.

According to Flament, Women in Web3 Changemakers is an initiative whereby they want people everywhere in the world to nominate the best women in Web 3.0 that they know — the changemakers.

These changemakers are the women who are focused on creating a better new world, focused on creating sustainability, focused on innovation, focused on basically inclusion, and leveraging the influence -- that they have to create this better world with technology.

Their aim is to get to a list of the top 20 of these women and showcase them.

This will inspire more women to step into the revolutionary Web 3.0 world.

UAE to Launch World’s First Hospital in the Metaverse

Thumbay Group, a UAE-based healthcare firm has announced that they will be launching the world's first hospital in the Metaverse!

Thanks to new technologies like augmented reality and virtual realities, this exciting development will allow people to experience immersive remote consultations with doctors.

The founder of Thumbay Group, Dr. Thumbay Moideen, has announced they planned on launching this before October 2022. It’s a complete virtual hospital where people will come with an avatar and consult a doctor.

To cater to medical tourism, they will allow patients to view what the inside looks like in their Metaverse.

The potential for virtual reality in the healthcare system is huge!

The best part is…

Virtual reality may soon become a way for those with permanent disabilities or long-term illnesses to experience their surroundings. They could also avoid the hassle to travel to the hospital just to book appointments or seek consultations.

So, these are the 3 amazing latest buzzes for this week’s Web 3.0 space sharing.

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