Instagram NFT Marketplace is Officially Here!

Instagram NFT Marketplace is Officially Here!

One of Web2’s most important platforms is growing into one of Web3’s…

Yes, it’s official!!!

Instagram has finally opened its NFT Marketplace.

Instagram has made new features available to a select group of creators on its platform. More creators will be on-boarded in the coming weeks. They will allow digital creators to mint and sell NFTs directly from the social media platform.

What does this mean for businesses?

This is a huge opportunity for businesses to have their brand presence on Instagram (IG). Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites in Web2 space and it’s only getting bigger.

For businesses that do not have IG, you need to get on board now!

Here’s the BIG reason…

This means NFT is going to be mainstream soon and being a household name every business would need an NFT. We are all in for some significant changes. Tech enthusiasts expect NFTs will tackle a lot of aspects of our lives.

As we have covered in previous articles, NFTs are becoming increasingly popular for use cases in many different industries – such as digital art, sports, gaming, real estate, fashion, healthcare, and more.

What’s happening now in Web3 is like…

Back in the days when dotcom Web1 happens, if your company doesn’t have a website, it’s slowly losing out and forgotten.

Or when the Web2 wave came, and if you don’t have a Facebook page, no one knew your business existed.

And now, with Web3, no one will know your business exists if you don’t have an NFT!

The importance of having an NFT is greater now because Meta (formerly known as Facebook) would eventually be integrated with the IG NFT marketplace. This will allow people to claim or mint NFT much easier.

Mass Adoption would be great!

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