How Web 3.0 Transforms Brands

How Web 3.0 Transforms Brands

Big thanks to all of you who joined us on 8 September 2022 at C21 Biz Network & Learn: NFT for Businesses event.

It was a great and productive session where the C21 team of experts got to network with business owners and shared their thoughts on the Metaverse and NFT solutions for businesses.

During this event, I’d like to extract one interesting section our C21 CTO, Wilson Tay, shared: How Web 3.0 Transforms Brands.

Finding ways to differentiate your brand from the competition in an increasingly competitive space is essential.

Web 3.0 is changing the way brands interact with their customers.

By leveraging blockchain technology, brands can create a more transparent and secure customer experience that gives customers more control over their data.

Additionally, brands can use Web 3.0 to create more efficient marketing.

In the recent event, Wilson unpacked how Web 3.0 is transforming brands in 7 innovative ways:

#1 Brand Experience

In Web 2.0, there is limited content with a dull representation of brands. Websites are not enough anymore.

With the revolutionary world of Web 3.0, brands can amplify their product to be bigger digitally and experience a new level of marketing through immersive content -- that was never before possible on websites or social media platforms like Facebook.

For example,

If a brand has Metaverse, they can invite people to visit their Metaverse and view their products in 3D.

Web 3.0 gives a revolutionary representation of brands.

#2 Gamification

In Web 2.0, games players spend to earn points.

After that, they can choose to exchange points for gifts.

But game players like Gen Y & Gen Z look for something more exciting and relatable.

With the possibility of technology in Web 3.0,

If brands launch a Special Gamification campaign, this will attract Gen Y & Gen Z as it will enhance their experience in-game by providing something more relatable.

For example, an avatar in the game or fashionable clothes!

And these are the audience who will have more spending power in the future.

#3 Vouchers

Are you excited when you receive a message with the link “Click here to redeem your voucher”? In Web 2.0, voucher giveaway tends to get more boring and oversaturated.

A lot of people are not clicking it, resulting in low click-through rates.

How can we come out with something more appealing and enjoyable?

What if we can represent the process of redeeming vouchers in the cool Web 3.0 space?

You can entice users to log in to your Metaverse, where they walk to the place where they can claim the voucher, and you can present them with your advertisements.

This will be a NEW way of advertising and also representing vouchers.

#4 Retargeting

In Web 2.0, retargeting usually happens through email marketing or a website.

This marketing method is oversaturated and boring.

Web 3.0 is the future; it’s an entirely new way of retargeting customers!

Within this campaign period, login into the Metaverse and get exclusive merchandise for your brand.

This will entice more people to visit your brand in Metaverse and see what you’re up to.

#5 Social Media Engagement

The current social media engagement in Web 2.0 is limited to Facebook likes and post shares.

With Web 3.0, we're not just sharing content on social media anymore. It provides new social media engagements.

For example,

Your brand with the Metaverse, can run a campaign where everyone can engage through their personalized avatars in activities like taking wefies, attending an event, etc.

The possibilities are endless regarding how far this technology will go.

This is something the new generation likes, where they’ll share and engage more. This will create more awareness for your brand.

#6 Crossover Marketing

Since Web 2.0, banner ads have been a common way to advertise on the internet with images and text.

However, as we enter the Metaverse space, a brand can collaborate with a celebrity, making the whole atmosphere more exciting and captivating.

Metaverse offers an immersive experience by using avatars with buildings and landscape designs that are more interesting than just text on a screen, making it seem like users are actually in another world.

People are always looking for something new and exciting. So this presents a stronger attraction for the users to visit Metaverse.

#7 Product Showcase

Web 2.0 product showcases in 2D are usually dull and uninteresting - with a lack of detail making it hard for consumers to get a clear view of what you’re selling. They can’t view your product in a 360-degree view.

Web 3.0 is all about immersion. You have the advantage of making your product stand out with 360 degrees view and feel like it's there.

This gives your consumer a clear understanding of your product before buying it - without ever having seen or touched anything in real life.

How cool is that!

So with Web 3.0, brands and businesses can utilize new technology for transformation.

The potential is huge! Businesses will be able to connect with their customers in ways never before imagined.

If you missed the C21 Biz Network & Learn: NFT for Businesses event, you may watch this live stream where you can learn more about what are Web3, Metaverse, and NFT.

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