Consortium 21 NFT Use Cases

Consortium 21 NFT Use Cases

The rise of NFTs has been exponential.

The token’s flexibility makes it one of the most prominent features in today's crypto industry. As such, there are many use cases for these highly acclaimed tokens - from gaming to security or even real estate investments.

It's important to note that this sudden rise in popularity isn't just hype. There have been many pragmatic applications as we have covered in previous blog posts. And the number of use cases keeps growing.

Today, we at Consortium 21 would like to present to you the NFT solutions we have created for our clients – which include:

1. C21 Premium Pass NFT

We launched our 1st Edition of C21 Premium Pass NFT during our Media Launch in May 2022.

Here are the perks you can enjoy by owing C21 Premium Pass NFT:

- Early Access to C21 Metaverse Cities space

- Exclusive Previews of events

- Exclusive Deals from Merchants

- Your very own NFT

And many more ….!

If you’re interested in owning C21 Premium Pass NFT, claim it here for FREE.

2. Jobbie Nut Butter x Vanilla Crepe NFT

We are proud to have provided the NFT solutions for Jobbie Nut Butter x Vanilla Crepe NFT claiming process should be as seamless as possible.

We've enabled NFTs minting directly on the blockchain in less than 30 seconds.

At C21, we want NFTs to go beyond just being digital collectibles. We have transformed Jobbie’s marketing in a way they have never been before.

3. NFT ticketing for Juang movie

We have provided NFT ticketing solution for the Gala Premiere of JUANG movie, where guests can mint an NFT very easily. Proceeds from the NFTs are donated to various charitable organizations.

JUANG is Malaysia’s biggest film production to honor the fight against Covid-19.

Special thanks to WebTVAsia and Verofax Asia for having us at the GALA PREMIERE of JUANG.

4. Astro Awani NFT

We have been selected as the NFT solution provider for Astro Awani by issuing 65 NFTs for their Merdeka campaign with lucky draws.

Malaysia celebrated its 65th Hari Merdeka or National Independence Day on 31 August 2022.


Our collaboration with Meta Universe is LIVE! Check it out at:

We have been selected as the NFT solution provider for AEON's Limited Edition Merdeka NFT collectibles.

As an AEON consumer, all you need to do is to spend >RM100 at AEON and upload the receipt to redeem a FREE NFT of the classic Malaysian Moments here.

Redeem and Purchase period is from 19 September 2022 to 16 October 2022.

We thank all our clients who saw the opportunities Web 3 will bring to businesses and their customers.

And we are excited to announce our team is currently working with other clients on developing NFT solutions. We will reveal these new projects in due time.

Will you be next?

If you’re interested in exploring or engaging Consortium 21 to provide NFT solutions for your business or marketing campaign, reach out to Ms. Kate via WhatsApp.