Consortium 21 Celebrates Success of First Web3 Masterclass Graduates in Collaboration with FHMOMS

Consortium 21 Celebrates Success of First Web3 Masterclass Graduates in Collaboration with FHMOMS

Consortium 21 (C21) and Filipina Homebased Moms (FHMOMS) have achieved a remarkable milestone with their Web3 Masterclass certification ceremony, held in C21 Metaverse Event Hall on March 15, 2023.

The event marked the graduation of the first batch of students who had completed the modules and passed the certification test with flying colors, achieving a score of at least 80%.

Out of the 51 students who had enrolled in the program, 26 had successfully completed the certification test.

This landmark achievement is a testament to the collaboration between C21 and FHMOMS, which aims to empower Filipina moms to expand their knowledge in the Web3 space and pursue a new career path.

The partnership between C21 and FHMOMS aims to promote inclusivity and diversity in the Metaverse by creating opportunities and breaking down barriers.

The certification ceremony was a momentous occasion, with graduates dressed in graduation robes and receiving their certificates of completion from FHMOMS founder & CEO MK Bertulfo.

During her opening remarks, MK Bertulfo expressed her gratitude to Consortium 21 for developing the technology that will benefit Filipina moms.

She also thanked Kenneth Choo, Wilson Tay, Sek Hao, Joon, and team, as well as the FHMOMS team, for making this partnership possible. Bertulfo congratulated the mommies who had completed the certification program and acknowledged their hard work.

MK Bertulfo, FHMOMS founder & CEO

She expressed her pride in their achievement and assured them of continued support from both Consortium 21 and FHMOMS, particularly in Web3.

Seeing these graduates go up on stage with their avatars is a testament to the power of collaboration and hard work.

Wilson Tay, C21 Chief Technology Officer, explained being a pioneer in the Web3 space means that in two years, when NFTs and the Metaverse become more mainstream, those who have already familiarized themselves with the technology will be thriving in this space compared to others are just starting to learn about it. This will give pioneers a head start and put them ahead of the curve.

This partnership is a significant milestone for FHMOMS, as it is committed to empowering moms and helping them achieve their full potential. The technology developed by Consortium 21 will provide the platform for moms to enhance their skills and create more opportunities for themselves. FHMOMS is committed to supporting these women, and this partnership is an excellent opportunity for them to do so.

Wilson Tay, C21 Chief Technology Officer

C21 Chief Strategy Officer Kenneth Choo said, “C21 will select 5 interns that will assist us for our future Metaverse and NFT campaigns.”

Kenneth Choo, C21 Chief Strategy Officer

On top of this, the C21 Metaverse Townhall in April and a full-day Metaverse workshop in May are just some of the exciting events to look forward to.

C21 would like to thank MK Bertulfo and her FHMOMS team for their unwavering support and belief in C21's vision. C21 would also like to thank their C21 team (especially their tech team) for their hard work and dedication in making this project a reality and the C21 founder, Dr. Benny Yeo, for his utmost support.

The future is bright for C21 and FHMOMS, and we can't wait to see what lies ahead.

Congratulations to the first batch of Web3 Masterclass graduates, and let's continue to empower more women with Web3!

Check out the Web3 Masterclass Graduates YouTube video.

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About Consortium 21 (C21)

Consortium 21, an advertising & marketing technology company, helps clients with innovative strategies to take on emerging trends. Established as a directory publisher before the Internet era, Consortium 21 has ridden on the Web 2.0 trend and successfully operates its own business matchmaking portal such as, which is relevant for Malaysia's Medical Device Industry. As new markets shift and millennials become an increasingly large segment, the Metaverse is developed to effectively engage with this booming group. Consortium 21 also specializes in blockchain solutions, such as a NFT marketplace, cryptocurrency wallet, tamper-proof and transparent supply-chain solutions for enterprises, and decentralized e-commerce for enhanced transparency over transactions processed in e-commerce.


On top of the stressful 12-hour daily grind, most Filipinos experience chaotic traffic that consumes precious time. For moms and mom figures, these reasons usually result in being absent from their loved ones’ important events and lives. Most moms sincerely wish to have more time with their families but are bound to their environment and work limitations. They have no choice but to leave their kids under the care of a helper or relative.

Realizing that thousands of Filipina moms wish they could earn a living from home to be more hands-on with their families, FHMOMS, or Filipina Homebased Moms, was established. FHMOMS is a social enterprise that empowers home-based Filipina moms and mom figures to pursue their passion for freelancing, parenting, and entrepreneurship by providing an accessible e-learning platform and community that provides training, job opportunities, and other support needed in their journey.